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Abigail Campbell, Student Intern
Northeastern University, Three Seas Master's of Science Program

Aloha! I am currently a Masterʻs student at Northeastern University working on my thesis on the use of photographic identification of oceanic whitetip sharks to study population dynamics, residency and interactions with fisheries in the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to having a lifelong appreciation of elasmobranchs, my main research interests focus on the movement ecology and navigational physiology of pelagic and residential reef sharks. I am currently assisting in the maintenance of the Hawaiʻi Community Tagger database for oceanic whitetip shark photos, editing images and contributing to a catalog of unique dorsal fin markings that can be used to identify oceanic whitetips to the individual level. This data will be used to analyze population structure and movement patterns around the Main Hawaiian Islands, as well as record any individuals that may be pregnant or that repeatedly interact with fisheries. 

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