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Our research is only possible through the hard work and knowledge of the Hawaii Community Tagging Program members. Through quarterly interviews, we highlight this community's unique perspective. Click on the links below to learn about our fishers, divers, and researchers and look for updates as we continue to talk story with "The Community." 

Hawaii fisherman Bryan (Benda) Balancio flashing shaka while posing next to yellowfin tuna
Freediver and underwater photographer Deron Verbeck with mahimahi
Lama with bigeye.jpg
Hawaii fisherman Ted Toriano with a large tuna.
Hawaii fisherman Rick Reger holding squid.
Hawaii fisherman Jamie Barlow with catch of bottomfish.
john and noah catch with shaka.jpg
Attachment 11.JPG
Researchers from Hawaii Uncharted
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

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