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Check out more of our collaborative research publications below. 


  • Data collectable using electronic monitoring systems compared to at-sea observers in the Hawaiʻi Longline Fisheries. Read paper here



  • What’s the catch? Examining optimal longline fishing gear configurations to minimize negative impacts on non-target species. Marine Policy. Read paper here

  • Assessing the vulnerability of marine life to climate change in the Pacific Islands region. Peer J. Read paper here

  • Estimating post-release mortality of long-line caught tropical tunas in the Pacific Ocean. Fisheries Research. Read paper here

  • Diving into the vertical dimension of elasmobranch movement ecology. Science Advances. Read paper here

  • Emergent research and priorities for shark and ray conservation. Endangered Species Research. Read paper here


  • Quantitative estimates of post-release survival rates of sharks captured in Pacific tuna longline fisheries reveal handling and discard practices that improve survivorship. PIFSC Data Report DR-21-001. Read paper here

  • Quantifying the accuracy of shark bycatch estimations in tuna purse seine fisheries. Ocean & Coastal Management. Read paper here

  • Indo‐Pacific origins of silky shark fins in major shark fin markets highlights supply chains and management bodies key for conservation. Conservation LettersRead paper here

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