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Dani Bartz, PhD student
Hawai'i Community Tag Program Liaison

Aloha! My name is Dani Bartz and I'm currently a PhD student in the Marine Biology Graduate Program at UH Manoa and Hawai'i Cooperative Fishery Research Unit in Hilo. My research is focused on characterizing nursery habitats of scalloped hammerhead sharks in Hawai'i by melding local ecological knowledge within the fishing community, acoustic telemetry, and environmental DNA. I am interested in understanding population dynamics and species distributions of various shark species, especially as it relates to nursery habitat suitability. I am originally from South Florida where I took part in various research projects studying oceanic blacktip shark migration throughout the Northeast, elasmobranch electrophysiology, and niche partitioning in cephalopods. I come to the team with a background in tagging and tracking, photo ID, and fisher interviews. In my spare time I enjoy diving, fishing, surfing, cooking, camping, riding horses, and practicing sustainability. I am based out of Hilo and Kona and looking forward to working with the tagging team on the Big Island!

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